Gummy Smile Makeover Rochester NY

Certain patients show too much gingiva (gum tissue) when they smile. This condition is called excessive gingival display, or gummy smile. The gummy smile does not put the teeth at risk of being lost, however many patients do not like the look of their smile. When this is the case, the gummy smile can be corrected with a gummy smile recontouring or smile makeover. This is accomplished with a laser or conventional surgical procedure (gingivectomy) and porcelain laminate veneers. If you do not like you gummy smile and are considering a smile makeover or a gummy smile correction in Rochester, NY contact Dr. Geminiani.

Here is an example.  Before the procedure this patient did not smile too much. Her front teeth were nice but she was showing too much gum tissue when smiling. She had a gummy smile. After the laser gum recontouring  and the new veneers the gummy smile was corrected and her smile was amazing. A beautiful example of smile makeover.

gummy smile houston tx

Before smile recontouring

gummy smile houston tx

After smile recontouring and veneers.

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More info about the author: Alessandro Geminiani, DDS, MSc, MS is a specialist in periodontics and dental implants. His practice focuses on gummy smile correction in Rochester NY, and smile makeover and is located in Rochester, NY.

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