Gum Graft (Connective Tissue) Rochester NY

Many patients complain about sensitive teeth. Frequently the problem is due to exposure of the root surface (or recessions). First line of treatment includes: avoid hot/cold beverages, desensitizing toothpaste, desensitizing varnish, modified oral hygiene instructions, etc. When the conservative treatment options fail, a gum graft (connective tissue) is performed to achieve surgical coverage of the exposed root surface. Gum graft is the most valuable alternative. If you are looking for gum graft in Rochester NY, you should check this post.

Before coverage of the exposed root surface, this patient was frequently complaining about sensitivity while drinking hot and/or cold beverages. The area was treated with a combined gum graft (connective tissue graft) and growth factor (Emdogain®). After the gum graft, 100% root coverage was achieved and the sensitivity disappeared. Emdogain® alone may be an alternative to gum graft (connective tissue graft). The major advantage of growth factor  is not having to harvest any tissue from the roof of the mouth. Read more about the best treatment option for gum graft Rochester NY in this post.

Gum Graft Houston TX

Before gum graft (connective tissue) and growth factors.

Gum Graft Houston TX

After gum graft (connective tissue) and growth factors.

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More info about the author: Alessandro Geminiani, DDS, MSc, MS is a specialist in periodontics and dental implants. His practice focuses on gum graft, in Rochester NY. Dr Geminiani also specializes in connective tissue graft in Rochester NY, and growth factors in Rochester NY.

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